Food Review | MEDZS All Day Weekend Brunch

Find yourself developing some craving for brunch with an exotic twist over the weekend? Well, guess what? There’s a new brunch place in town starting from this weekend onwards at MEDZS Orchard Central and MEDZS Millenia Walk!

MEDZS All Day Weekend Brunch

The brand new weekend brunch menu at MEDZS is a pastiche of authentic French, Spanish, Moroccan, Italian, Greek and Turkish* cuisines. Experience one of the largest range of brunch items, with affordable prices from just $12.90 to $14.90!

*Turkish brunch only available at Orchard Central branch

Not only that, MEDZS is adding premium coffee to its weekend brunch menu to complement the hearty range of brunch. For the first month, first 200 brunch-goers at each MEDZS outlet will receive a FREE cup of coffee with every brunch item purchased!

The Review: MEDZS All Day Weekend Brunch

The MEDZS All Day Weekend Brunch will start this weekend, but I was fortunate to be invited down for the food tasting session held at Millenia Walk last Thursday night (thanks Li Qin!), so yay — I got to try it before the launch, and of course, review it for your reading pleasure!(:

MEDZS Millenia Walk

Headed down to the MEDZS outlet at Millenia Walk after work for the food tasting session. It was my first time dining at MEDZS and I was pretty excited to try it out because I’ve walked past the MEDZS flagship outlet at Orchard Central countless of times, and the food looked really appealing!

Of course, although I will not be trying out the normal menu but the brunch menu instead, it’s a good gauge for me to see if I will return to try it again 😛

Just a little tidbit – the two MEDZS outlets are designed by the renowned architect firm, DP Architects so that explained the lovely design and layout of the outlet which exludes congenial vibes that makes it ideal for group gatherings!

Other than that, just to share some details about MEDZS — it’s a cashless, casual dining concept somewhat like Marche, but MEDZS is different because of the cuisine offered here. This is because MEDZS is home to an eclectic range of Mediterranean cuisines from Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Italy and France as seen below.

And they also boast their very own bar: MEDZS Bar with over 100 labels of international and craft beers as well as ciders!(:

The Plus One

The bf doesn’t appreciate such food tasting sessions plus he’s swamped with project work, submission deadlines and packing for our Taiwan trip this Saturday so I opted to bring Crystal along. Besides, she’s a better food taster (and she enjoys the food!) and conversationist than the bf — HAHAHA!

The Menu

I know, I know you just want to get over to the food right? BUT, first – the menu for your reference below! And yes, there are 2 menus, Menu A & Menu B and these two menus will alternate on a weekly basis so do take note! Of course, alternatively, you can always come back TWICE to try out the food items, heh.


Cuisine Menu A Menu B
French Le Jolly MonsieurHam, Bacon, Bechémel Sauce, Cheese, Scramble Egg & Pork Bratwurst ($13.90)


Le Sunny MadameHam, Bacon, Bechémel Sauce, Cheese, Sunny Side Up & Pork Bratwurst ($13.90)
All-time favourites, MEDZSstyle Bouncy BenedictHome-cured Salmon, Baked Tomato, Rosti Potato, English Muffin & Salad ($14.90)


Porky and the SageHerb Crusted Tomato, Sunny Side Up & Steak House Fries


Italy Stacked Brunch TortePuff Pastry, Eggs, Ham, Mushroom, Spinach, Cheese & Bell Pepper ($14.90)


The Frittata FrolicHam, Mushroom, Cheese, Bacon & Italian Spicy Sausage ($14.90)


Spain Toasty TortillaScrambled Egg, Stewed Beans with Chorizo & Brioche Toast ($14.90) El Beefy SpaniardBoiled Potatoes, Smoked Paprika, Sunny Side Up & Brioche Toast ($14.90)


Morocco Egg-crowned ShakshoukaLamb Kefta, Tomatoes, Eggs Tagine & Garlic Toast ($14.90)


Spicy Chicken TagineTomatoes, Capsicum, Hard Boiled Egg & Potato Pancake ($13.90)
Greek Poseidon’s WrapPrawn, Fish, Squid, Tomato, Lettuce, Scramble Egg, Tzatziki& Greek Salad ($14.90)


The Souvlaki TitanBaked Tomatoes, Scramble Egg, Hash Brown & Pita Bread ($14.90)


*Turkish – special item for MEDZS Orchard Central  The Chicken OttomanAdana Chicken with Yogurt Dip & Mixed Salad ($14.90) Velvety Dips & Toasted BreadHummus/Chickpea Dip,Baba Ganoush/Eggplant,Carrot & Cumin Dip ($12.90)
Dessert A Berry Pancake GalaFresh Berries, Summer Berries, Topping Cream

Choice of Maple Syrup, Mango Sauce, Vanilla Sauce, Strawberry Sauce



Oh Fruit Crepe!Mango, Peach, Chocolate Chips, Almond, Caramel Sauce & Vanilla Ice-cream



The Food Tasting

For the food tasting session, we were able to sample the entire Menu A and an additional item from Menu B! Was pretty intrigued to try out some of the more exotic brunch items on the menu other than the usual suspects for brunch it goes in no particular order!(:

Italy: Stacked Brunch Torte – S$14.90

All my other photos of this dish were a flop so here’s the only photo I have, lol. To be honest, I’m not sure what a torte is but it seems to be like some kind of savoury tart? The Italian torte is made up of layers of eggs, ham, mushroom, spinach, cheese, bell pepper before being topped with a crispy puff pastry. Some of the other bloggers enjoyed it, I thought it was not too bad but I preferred the other brunch items instead.

French: Le Jolly Monsieur – S$13.90

This is basically a croque monsieur or in layman terms – a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. MEDZS version of the dish is a HUGE and thick piece of bread with ham, Bechaemel sauce and topped with cheese. It also comes with a side of bacon and pork bratwurst as well as scrambled eggs.

Without a doubt, this is my top ranked food item off the MEDZS All Day Weekend Brunch. It looks delicious and it IS delicious in it’s simplicity and fatty goodness (like c’mon, it’s an awesome grilled ham and cheese sandwich) and I would return just to have this again!(:

Spain: Toasty Tortilla – S$14.90

When the word tortilla comes to mind, I know what you’re thinking – the thin, flat white bread/wrap, but this is different! Instead, tortilla in Spain refers to a Spanish omelette – a thick egg omelette filled with ingredients as seen pictured below. Also, the Toasty Tortilla at MEDZS comes with a side of scrambled eggs, stewed beans with chorizo and a slice of brioche toast!(: A rather tasty brunch item I would say!

Morocco: Spicy Chicken Tagine – S$13.90

This is one of the food items from Set B which we tried. This Morocco brunch item is made up of a savoury stew of tomatoes, capsicum, hard boiled eggs and chicken and served with a generous portion of sliced potato pancake (something like a roti-prata and curry dish). The chicken was pretty tender and it was pretty easy to cut through, but I thought that the dish was very flavourful, BUT a tad too spicy for my tastebuds. In my opinion, I think that big eaters at brunch who like spicy food might like this dish(:

All-Time Favourites, MEDZSstyle: Bouncy Benedict – S$14.90

For people who don’t stray from the unknown, there’s always the good ol’ eggs benedict to fall back on!(: The eggs benedict at MEDZS with home cured salmon and chives is not too bad and the egg was still oozing despite being there for quite a while due to photo taking (hahaha!). It also comes with a side of rosti potato, baked tomato and a small salad to complete the dish.

Greek: Poseidon’s Wrap – S$14.90

I feel that the Poseidon’s wrap / greek wrap dish is for lighter and/or healthier eaters. It comes with a large serving of fresh and delicious greek salad, scrambled eggs, tzatziki (some kind of Greek yogurt) as well as a wrap bursting with plenty of seafood – prawn, fish, squid and veggies. It’s quite light and the salad was very refreshing!

Morocco: Egg-Crowned Shakshouka – S$14.90

Another Morocco brunch item we tried (this one is from Menu A) was this egg-crowned shakshouka! A really unique name for a rather unique dish of eggs poached in a spicy sauce of tomatoes (eggs tagine). The MEDZS version comes with balls of lamb kefta and it’s a very strong and intense tasting dish as the sauce is EXTREMELY lamb-ey. People who adore lamb will LOVE this dish!

A Berry Pancake Gala – S$12.90

For our dessert, we enjoyed pancakes topped with plenty of fresh summer berries – strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. It also comes with an additional choice of maple syrup, mango sauce, vanilla sauce and/or strawberry sauce though for our version, I believe we had the maple/vanilla/strawberry sauce. The pancakes were delicious, and I wished there was more! Ah well, next time then? Heh

Sliced Rainbow Cake – S$6.90

We stayed after the food tasting session was over to chat and because of that, we decided to get an additional order of a sliced rainbow cake (YAY, HAPPY CAKE ^^) to share! And guess what? That was my FIRST time eating a rainbow cake (have always wanted to try!) and I really enjoyed it! Pity I was too stuffed to eat more than a few mouthfuls, but I thought it was delicious!(:

Overall Verdict

I usually have a good time as food tasting sessions and this was no exception! It took a while for us to warm up to the rest of the group, but once the food started getting served, the ice was broken in no time(: Foodies unite? HAHA!

Overall, it was definitely a new and interesting experience dining at MEDZS as I got to try quite a number of brunch items from different cuisines instead of just staying in my comfort zone, so I’m really happy about that! 😀

Meanwhile for you — do you see any brunch items you want to try from MEDZS? (I hope my photos were alright!), if so, do drop by MEDZS at Orchard Central / Millenia Walk to try out the exotic MEDZS All Day Weekend Brunch!(:

Remember – the first 200 customers who order any brunch meal get a FREE cup of coffee and there’s NO service charge too (yes, there’s GST though~)!

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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