Milestones // 1 month’s worth of blogging

Before the clock strikes midnight and the day is over, I just wanted to write this post to share some stuff with you all. First of all, I started this blog on the 19th of November 2012 with the main intention of actually just marketing my blogshopGlamPuss.

But instead, the blogging fever caught up with me.

I never thought that my blog would be viewed so many times and so I’m really really happy to say that TODAY, 19th DECEMBER 2012 –  I’ve hit 3,000 views on my blog!

Thank you so so much!

I will strive to keep this blog going and update it with as much with interesting news, random muses, reviews and rubbish that my head is always full of. you realize? I always never run out of things to say and I think that’s a bloody miracle!

Just to update if you didn’t know:
1. I am currently open to all advertorials and reviews (with some limitations) and I write for you at no obligations, please read HERE for more information
2. I’ve joined omy Blog Club since I can’t join NuffNang due to WordPress =.=~

I think that’s all actually. Hee(:
Thanks for reading!

Till Later,
♥ mitsueki

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