mitsueki Staycations | 3D2N W Hotel Sentosa Cove Singapore (Day 2, Part 3 – RWS & The Merlion)

mitsueki Staycations – 3D2N W Hotel Sentosa Cove Singapore 

From Underwater World, we took the shuttle bus once again – this time to Resorts World Sentosa to look for a lunch spot.

318-DSC04771 319-DSC04772 320-DSC04773

In the end, we weren’t that hungry and decided to walk around the place instead. Oh yeah it was at this point of time when Trickeye recently opened its doors and the wait was a WHOOPING 90 MINUTES! Of course I highly doubt that the queue is bad now in 2015 since the hype has pretty much died down. Have yet to visit there myself but I did visit the one at Suntec later on that year(:

322-DSC04775 323-DSC04776 324-DSC04777 325-DSC04778

Malaysian Food Street

The weather was pretty horrible (as always) and we headed to Malaysian Food Street to seek some solace away from the scorching heat outside.


Just sharing some pictures inside the food street where you have a large selection of stores to choose from. It’s not too bad as a dining option over at RWS and I think I would prefer it over Insadong Korean Town ;/

334-DSC04787326-DSC04779 327-DSC04780 328-DSC04781

Ordered an ice kachang dessert while the bf had green bean soup as well as a pastry puff and milk tea.

329-DSC04782 330-DSC04783 331-DSC04784

Upon walking out, I spotted this shop called Fung Wong Confectionery (originated from KL) just at the exit/entrance of Malaysian Food Street that sold my favourite indulgences – egg tarts and siew bao! Uhh yes I ordered and ate them both on the spot. Lol

332-DSC04785 333-DSC04786

Spent the rest of the time walking around Resorts World and checking out the shops. Love the colorful popsicles and omg at that hugeeee jar of Nutella!

Was even tempted to pay the $50 levy per person to get into the casino but our attire weren’t exactly appropriate and that’s like $100 just to go in to see the casino. Figured it wasn’t worth it to spend the rest of the day at USS (Universal Studios Singapore) since more than half the day was gone either so we moved on to the next stop!

335-DSC04788 336-DSC04789 337-DSC04790  339-DSC04792 340-DSC04793 341-DSC04794  343-DSC04796

Singapore Merlion @ Sentosa

Our package included a visit up to the Merlion (37m high) which I was quite looking forward to check out because neither the bf nor I have been there before.

I realized that it’s quite sad actually when you think about it – how many Singaporeans have actually visited the actual Merlion in Sentosa despite knowing that it’s like our national symbol? Lol, so if you haven’t visited it before – at least make a trip. Once is definitely more than enough(:

345-DSC04798 346-DSC04799  348-DSC04801 349-DSC04802350-DSC04803

Heading in offers you a nice respite from the hot weather as well as you will travel past an exhibition area and watch a mini clip on our Singapore heritage – all in air conditioned comfort!

351-DSC04804 352-DSC04805 353-DSC04806 354-DSC04807 355-DSC04808 356-DSC04809 357-DSC04810

This is so cliche but you can also collect a free “gold” coin souvenir at the end of it.

358-DSC04811 359-DSC04812 360-DSC04814

Don’t just leave yet though! Instead, take this opportunity to head towards the head gallery(:


And yes.. if you didn’t know – you can actually go up the Merlion and have a lovely birds eye view of the surrounding view of Sentosa/city area/Harbourfont/our ports from its mouth (which is a viewing platform/gallery) as seem from the following photos!

362-DSC04816 363-DSC04817 364-DSC04818 365-DSC04819 366-DSC04820 367-DSC04821 368-DSC04822

One of the kind staff on site also offered their services to help us a take a photo at the Merlion’s mouth – thanks for that(:

369-DSC04823 370-DSC04824 371-DSC04825 372-DSC04826

Ended off the trip at the souvenir shop selling some cute stuff like these Merlion merchandise and even Singapore food magnets (bbq chicken wings, chili crab, roti prata, fishball noodles anyone?!)!

374-DSC04828 375-DSC04829

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SG50: Happy 50th Birthday Singapore! | mitsueki is AWAY to BKK!

Balloted and didn’t get my NDP tickets (as usual) so I’m off to Bangkok instead to celebrate the looonnggg weekend from 7 August – 9 August 2015!

mitsueki is AWAY from 7 August to 9 August 2015!

I may be missing out on the SG50 parade, but that’s okay because I spotted this really nice and short 8 minute long time lapse video on Youtube from the user, Roy Loi. Highlights below if you plan to watch it:

NDP 2015 Preview Parade in 8mins Time Lapse (1080p)

0:27 for Red Lions Parachute
3:24 for F16 SG50 Aerial Formation
4:00 for Main Aerial Display
4:43 for Mobile Column

Anyway, here’s wishing SINGAPORE a HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY from Bangkok! 🙂

Follow me @ mitsueki on Instagram for LIVE updates during my 3D2N trip!(: Meanwhile – enjoy the long SG50 weekend everyone!

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Beauty Review & GIVEAWAY! | ZIAJA Manuka Tree Purifying Range

I’ve always been a fan of Ziaja products ever since I was introduced to the brand last year due to its extensive range of products, affordability and how it is catered towards people with sensitive skin!

ZIAJA Singapore x Mitsueki Giveaway!

Once again, this year I am partnering with Ziaja Singapore to give away their new range of Purifying Manuka Tree products (worth S$36.70) to THREE (3) lucky readers!

What is inclusive in each set are the deeply cleansing peeling paste, normalising cleansing gel and exfoliating night cream (my favourite product!)! You can read more details about each product below(:


How to Win?

  1. LIKE ZIAJA Singapore and Mitsueki’s Blog Facebook Page
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*Steps 1 – 3 MUST be completed in order to be eligible.

Giveaway ends: 14 August 2015, 11 59PM



Oh, and here’s a quick recap of the European brand in case you missed out my previous review:


ZIAJA Ltd. is a producer of pharmaceuticals and high-quality natural cosmetics for face, body and hair care. It is a family-owned company, established in 1989 in Poland by two pharmacists Aleksandra Ziaja and Zenon Ziaja. ZIAJA cosmetics combine highly regarded traditional components, such as herbal extracts and oils and vitamins with modern technology.

ZIAJA sells over 50 million pieces of products annually in 32 countries (including 6 in Asia: Japan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam).

Where to buy ZIAJA Products in Singapore?

You can purchase ZIAJA products at selected Watsons, BHG, Metro Centerpoint as well as on Qoo10. For the full list of stores please visit: http://ziaja.sg/contact/where-to-buy

P.S. Just to share – The Manuka Tree Purifying range that I will be reviewing below are exclusive to Watsons drugstores!(;

ZIAJA Purifying Manuka Tree Range

The ZIAJA Purifying Manuka Tree Range is made up of 5 products catered towards people with oily and combination skin. Think it’s the perfect product line to be launched in Singapore as many Singaporeans have this type of skin!

Let’s take a look at each of them shall we? (:
Note: I have dry sensitive skin but I still tried the following products on my face for this review~


1. ZIAJA Manuka Tree Purifying Normalising Cleansing Gel – S$10.90

I’ve started incorporating the cleansing gel into my makeup removal routine ever since I started using it! That’s because I wear makeup on a daily basis for long hours – but at the end of the day, I just use a make up removal sheet to clean it all off before finishing up with a simple facial wash. Sometimes I do wonder if my skin is actually cleansed enough thru the routine – until I tried this gel and I can really feel the difference! My skin feels really cleansed but slightly tight at the same time due to my skin type. To combat that I highly recommend using the night cream after that and wow, my bf was commenting that my face felt so bouncy and soft! Feels like I had a plumping effect in my opinion and I really like the feeling lol. Most importantly, I know that my skin is truly cleansed from all the makeup!

44-DSC0133810-DSC01300 11-DSC01302 13-DSC01304 14-DSC01305 15-DSC01306

2. ZIAJA Manuka Tree Purifying Astringent Face Toner – S$10.90

I think that the toner works well with the peeling paste so personally after cleansing with the paste (recommended to use once or twice a week for drier skin like mine), I will turn to the toner for a ‘second round’ of cleansing. How I use this toner is to spray a small sprit of mist onto a cotton pad before cleaning my face to remove any ‘dirt’ if any is still left lol. Surprisingly, the toner is relatively mild on my skin and I think it does a good job too. I forsee myself using it more often during my acne prone period that happened monthly as I am extremely prone to breakouts during my time of the month heh.

45-DSC0133916-DSC01307 17-DSC01309 19-DSC01311 20-DSC01312

3. ZIAJA Manuka Tree Purifying Deeply Cleansing Peeling Paste – S$12.90

First up, just to make it clear – this is a not a mask! Think of it as a exfoliator instead because it has these lovely microbeads inside. The texture of the paste is similar to the toothbrush in my opinion but surprisingly, it is quite gentle to my skin. For people with dry skin like mine, you might want to dap a small drop and spread it over your damp face before washing it off. You can feel those beads rubbing against your face cleansing it and my face feels really squeaky clean after that! But I would recommend that you use it once or twice a week (if you have dry skin like mine) before bed. Afterwhich, I would follow up with the night cream (read below) or moisturizer to end off. Alternatively during my acne prone week, I will cleanse once more with the toner before the night cream/moisturizer.

43-DSC0133723-DSC01315 24-DSC01316 25-DSC01317 26-DSC01318 27-DSC01319

4. ZIAJA Manuka Tree Purifying Normalising Day Cream – S$11.90

It may be called a day cream but I am using it more as a base moisturizer that you can put on prior to makeup. Yeah I have pretty dry skin so I need all the moisturizing that my skin can get for the day! What I really like about the day cream is that it comes with a slight SPF10 sun protection which is not too bad for a daily moisturizer/sunscreen! As it is quite a light cream, I find that the cream absorbs nicely into my skin and feels relatively moisturized after that. It’s colorless too though you initially squeeze out a white blob lol.

40-DSC0133428-DSC01320 29-DSC01321 30-DSC01322 31-DSC01323 32-DSC01325

5. ZIAJA Manuka Tree Purifying Gently Exfoliating Night Cream with Almond Acid – S$12.90

Okay don’t be surprised when you squeeze the tube and a gel substance instead of a usual white cream comes out. I don’t know about you but upon first impression, it makes my skin feel so hydrated and I like the gel like consistency slathered on my face! Absorbs pretty quickly as well(: What is interesting to me is the addition of almond acid which I feel helps in the exfoliation process so you wake up the next day with your skin feeling fresh and regenerated!

41-DSC0133533-DSC01326 34-DSC01328 35-DSC01329 36-DSC01330 37-DSC01331

The Verdict?

Overall, I am really happy with the new ZIAJA MANUKA Tree Purifying Range! Not hesitating to recommend it to you as personally I find that the products are effective and super affordable! Although this range is touted more towards people with oily/combination skin, I think that everyone with other skin types are suitable for it as well – for example I’m a dry/sensitive and I love it! (:

Personally, I have to say that there are a few standout products in the range which I really like best – namely the night cream and peeling paste! It does help that all the products have a very pleasant scent that is very calming too!

If you are interested to pick up one of ZIAJA MANUKA Tree Purifying Range – look out for it at selected Watsons stores island wide (exclusively available at Watsons drugstores)! The full location list can be found here: http://ziaja.sg/contact/where-to-buy

Feel free to share with me your thoughts on the product as well! (:

Lastly, huge thanks 88Lemons for sending over these lovely Ziaja products to try and share with my readers! Don’t forget to join the giveaway above! (:

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6 McDonald’s toys you probably queued up for

I have to hand it to McDonalds Singapore for having a good marketing strategy to make us Singaporeans eat at the golden arches (McD) so frequently. Other than the affordable meals,  promotions, convenience and those delicious fries paired with addictive garlic chilli (don’t forget our curry sauce!) – to me, I think that the biggest draw for many (even the usual non-Mcd eaters) will definitely be the getting your hands on that coveted McDonald’s toy.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about because most likely.. you might have queued up for at least one of them – either for yourself, girlfriend / bf, marriage partner, colleagues or kids (by choice or was forced).

6 McDonald’s toys you probably queued up for..

Oh yeah.. if you haven’t realized – did you know that you probably queued for different versions of the same popular character(s)? Lol, very smart to capitalize on them huh?

1. Hello Kitty McSweet Millennium Love 2000

I still remember very vividly that I was at the Singapore Science Centre on a school trip back in Primary School and we were having lunch at the McDonald’s there. The group of us had to queue for almost an hour to get our meals because the adults were queuing up for the Hello Kitty plushies. Back then, I was still wondering what the craze was about .. until I got home and realized my mom also queued up to get her hands on one of the pairs. We still have it displayed at home as a trophy lol

Oh and the queue was no joke – it even made it to the news back in 2000. Yepp, the last couple was sold out within half a day.

2. Hello Kitty Fairy Tales 2013

This set of Hello Kitty toys were the MOST epic ones ever in Singapore in my opinion. No one expected the demand for the toys to be so OVERWHELMING and it became a MUST HAVE MUST GET item in Singapore back in 2013. Singaporeans went cat shit crazy over them, examples include the INSANE overnight queues starting from 7PM till 11AM when the respective toy every week was launched (my bf attempted to queue but it was too long!), willing to pay 10x times the amount for the plush you want (market rate was like $25 – $100 per design depending on the popularity) from the resellers, getting into arguments and fights over the toy – it was crazy and the hottest topic on everyone’s mouths.

Singaporeans also wanted to get their hands on the Hello Kitty owl design only available in Hong Kong and were willing to pay $200 – $500 for it.

Img Credits: HelloKittyJunkie

Credits: AsiaOne

Then.. McDonald’s launched the limited edition Hello Kitty Singing Bone (black) and well, who can ever forget the $126,000 bid for it on Ebay? Yes..the word limited edition makes Singaporeans really siao =_=

Credits: STOMP

3. Minions Despicable Me 2 Happy Meal 2013

Right after the Hello Kitty craze, McDonald’s launched the series of Despicable Me toys – free with the purchase of a Happy Meal toy. Now who would have thought that the adults would be the ones buying them? Many queued for their kids but to be honest, I’m sure many queued because the set became another MUST HAVE MUST GET thing. At least the queues weren’t as bad but the quality was pretty bad – managed to get my hands on a couple and I wasn’t impressed.

Credits: Lobanghub

Credits: Straits Times

4. Hello Kitty Bubbly World 2014

Knowing that they would be facing the crazy queues and demanding Singaporeans at the stores, McDonald’s decided to launch the 6 piece Hello Kitty Bubbly World 40th anniversary collector set online ($80) as a pre-order set on 23 April at 11am. I know the bf was furiously clicking on the site for me to get his hands on the set before they were sold out within the next 80 minutes. Disappointed fans had to queue yet again when the individual characters were made available on 28 April 2014 at 11am. At least the queue wasn’t as bad but many of the favourite designs were sold out pretty fast! Btw, since then McDonald’s also suspended their online sales for most of toys (Hello Kitty and Minions).. until the latest batch in 2015!

Credits: FollowKitty.com

5. LINE Forever Love Special Edition Box 2015

The demand for the LINE toys were not as high compared to other popular characters such as Hello Kitty and Minions so it wasn’t too much of an issue getting your hands on them other than Brown and Cony other than a slight queue. I even overheard numerous people rejecting the McDonald’s counter staff’s offer to add on to purchase the LINE toys! Have to say that LINE is slowly gaining popularity in Singapore though so if they were to launch it again next time, it will be better received.

However, I know that there was still a queue for the LINE Forever Love Special Edition Box 2015 consisting of Brown and Cony in a couple set ($19.80) launched on 9 February 2015 prior to Valentine’s Day. It must be the words “limited edition” and “Valentine’s Day” = MUST HAVE MUST GET that caused the queues to form once again and most outlets were sold out on the toys almost immediately.

Credits: Singpromos

6. Minions Movie Happy Meal 2015

As mentioned in all my social media channels (IG/Facebook) – I have never EVER seen so many adults eating Happy Meal in my life.. until a few weeks ago when the set of Minion toys (free with purchase of a Happy Meal) were launched from 18 June 2015 with every 2 new designs launched weekly.

The initial queues were alright but I spotted a Happy Meal box literally at every table in McDonald’s! The next few weeks got the hype going and just last week – queues started forming and the minion toys were getting sold out really quickly. They even started running out of the specially designed Minions Happy Meal boxes and have converted back to the usual red ones lol. Yep, it has become a MUST HAVE MUST GET toy once again – for both kids and of course, adults alike.

Credits: Youtube

Here’s a bonus #7 where long queues were predicted too:

7. Limited Edition SG50 McDonalds Hello Kitty 2015

As mentioned in my earlier post HERE, I spotted this set of McDonald’s Hello Kitty featuring Hello Kitty dressed as .. Trishaw Uncle, SG50 Parade, Orchid Lover, Durian Lover, Samsui Woman and a McDonald’s crew member. Yepp, if you can’t already tell, it’s because of SG50!

Each of the McDonalds Hello Kitty will be available at all their restaurants from July 27 onwards. As yet, I have yet to hear of any queues forming for the Hello Kitties but I think that is because online ordering was made available earlier on 20 July! Yepp, I was the 5000++ customer who bought it online to avoid the queue and received it on 27 July.

Credits: McDonalds

But I’m not sure why – the feeling of obtaining the kitties via the online ordering process VS actually queuing up to get your hands on them is so different. Lol – do you agree?

Anyway, it’s too early to tell whether this batch of Hello Kitties will cause any queues – but let’s see over the couple of weeks eh?(:

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mitsueki Staycations | 3D2N W Hotel Sentosa Cove Singapore (Day 2, Part 2 – Sentosa: UnderWater World)

mitsueki Staycations – 3D2N W Hotel Sentosa Cove Singapore 

As mentioned previously, the bf and I were planning to become tourists for the day remember? So we bought a couple of attraction passes in advance from Groupon that included cheaper tickets to Underwater World, the Merlion and a Segway Ride. Collected the tickets prior to our staycation if you were wondering(:


Underwater World Singapore

The first stop was at Underwater World and from W Hotel, we took the free hotel shuttle bus to Palawan Beach.

240-DSC04687 241-DSC04688 242-DSC04689 243-DSC04690 244-DSC04691

It was just too hot initially to walk the way to Underwater World and luckily, we spotted the beach tram schedule that mentioned that it would be able to drop us off at our destination. So obviously air conditioned comfort won out and we boarded the tram (actually just a coach) once it arrived.

It was also a fortunate choice to take the tram because it was relatively far! Plus it started raining suddenly (the harmful type of sun rain) too!

246-DSC04693 247-DSC04694 248-DSC04695 249-DSC04696 250-DSC04697 251-DSC04698 252-DSC04699

Even though there was a bigger and newer aquarium over at Resorts World (SEA Aquarium), I had recently visited it with our colleagues due to a company event so I decided to choose to visit Underwater World instead. Had a few fond memories there as I was pretty young when my mom last brought me there to visit .. like at least 10 years ago? Lol!

253-DSC04700 254-DSC04701

Upon entering, you will be greeted with some hands on exhibitions where you have the opportunity to touch star fishes and other types of fishes. It’s somewhat similar to the one at SEA Aquarium but without the longer queues.

255-DSC04702 256-DSC04703 257-DSC04704

But I think the highlight would be the stingray feeding section! You have to pay a couple of dollars to get a couple of pieces of meat (looks like squid and chopped fish) and a hands on feeding session! Basically if I remember right, you hold the meat between your index and middle finger, slide it down the tank and the stingray will gently eat it from your fingers. Pretty fun and interesting experience!

258-DSC04705 259-DSC04706 260-DSC04707 261-DSC04708 262-DSC04709 263-DSC04710 264-DSC04711 265-DSC04712  267-DSC04714 268-DSC04715

We headed for the free sea animals show since the rain stopped earlier on and watched the cute and playful antics of the seals and dolphins. Super adorable – do catch the show if you can ya?

269-DSC04716 270-DSC04717 271-DSC04718 272-DSC04719 273-DSC04720 274-DSC04721 275-DSC04722  277-DSC04724 278-DSC04725 279-DSC04726 280-DSC04727 281-DSC04728 282-DSC04729 283-DSC04730 284-DSC04731 285-DSC04732 286-DSC04733 287-DSC04734

Spent the rest of the time exploring the place – checking out the otters (aww..) as well as the aquarium! I remember how cool I thought it was to be standing on the moving conveyor belt (escalator..?) and just enjoy the view as it brings you around. Of course you can speed up the process by walking if it’s too slow for you lol.

288-DSC04735 289-DSC04736 290-DSC04737 291-DSC04738 292-DSC04739 293-DSC04740 294-DSC04741 295-DSC04742 296-DSC04743 297-DSC04744 298-DSC04745 299-DSC04746 300-DSC04747 301-DSC04748 302-DSC04749 303-DSC04750 304-DSC04753 305-DSC04754 306-DSC04755 307-DSC04756

P.s yes as mentioned, I was halfway through my Han Dian TCM slimming treatments during that my staycation so I look fatter in these photos 😛

310-DSC04761313-DSC04764309-DSC04760  311-DSC04762    315-DSC04767 316-DSC04768

To be honest, I think that Underwater World can hold its own against SEA Aquarium especially because it holds many fond memories of the past and it has some attractions that the latter doesn’t have. Enjoyed my visit there tremendously(:

If you haven’t been there yet, do drop by for a visit – it is really not too bad a place to explore(: Meanwhile, stay tuned for next week for more attractions that we visited!

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Beauty Giveaway | Automatic Beauty – Beautiful Double Eyelid Tapes!

Yay it’s Friday! And I am celebrating it by hosting a quick giveaway for my readers!(:

Beauty Giveaway | Automatic Beauty – Beautiful Double Eyelid Tapes!

I’m giving away ONE (1) Automatic Beauty Mezical Fiber 2 and ONE (1) Automatic Beauty Double Eye Tape to TWO (2) lucky blog readers!


How to Win?

  1. LIKE mitsueki Blog on Facebook
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  3. LEAVE A COMMENT in this post with the following:
    – Which AB product would like to win and tag 3 friends
  4. Follow me on IG @ mitsueki and re-post this photo for 1 additional chance to win! (Optional)

*Steps 1 – 3 MUST be completed in order to be eligible

Giveaway ends: 5 August 2015, Wednesday

AB Double Eye Tape

Creates the ideal double eyelid width with super strong adhesion.

– Effective even on stubborn single eyelid! Definitely no mess – easy application without touching sticky adhesive.
– Shape of double eyelid is adjustable by position and angle of double eye tape.

AB Mezical Fiber 2

Gives you a perfect, bigger and brighter eyes! Natural looking even when you blink!

– Stronger adhesive force with longer fiber, wedge down more firmly. Thinner fiber, less noticeable.
– No sagging and no tearing!
– Extra fine fibers

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Review | The Escape Artist Singapore @ Prinsep Street

My interest in escape games started when I first tried it out in KL (travelogue coming soon!) last year and I found it to be a really exciting experience! Since then, many escape rooms have popped up in Singapore as well and I’m determined to try out many of them!

So obviously when The Escape Artist dropped me an invitation to try out one of their rooms – I’m was super psyched especially when I could bring a couple of my colleagues to share the experience with me! (:

The Escape Artist Singapore

The Escape Artist is one of the first few escape rooms set up in Singapore a couple of years back. Since then, they have been coming up with loads of innovative rooms to make customers have a fresh new experience each time they play! Yep, rooms are always revamped or sometimes replaced with newer ones or concepts! (:

Best of all, they are not based on a franchise brought in from overseas (i.e Japan and then translated to English) but instead, all the room concepts and ideas were all created in-house catered for locals, by locals themselves! (:

At this point of posting, The Escape Artist has 2 outlets – 1 at Prinsep Street and the other at Bukit Timah. In total, they have 8 rooms which are split between their 2 outlets. Suggest you check out their site to see which game room you want to play as they could be at different locations(:


The Escape Artist Outlets

Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
#11-02 (S)588179
Contact: 6463 6690
Peak Rates: $23/pax a session
Off-peak Rates: $18/pax a session

52A Prinsep Street
#01-01 (S)188683
Contact: 6883 1540
Peak Rates: $28/pax a session
Off-peak Rates: $22/pax a session

Mon-Thurs: 12pm-11pm
Fri-Sun: 12pm-12am
Peak: Weekdays after 6pm, Weekends & Public Holidays
Off-Peak: Weekdays before 6pm

Website: http://www.theescapeartist.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheEscapeArtistSG
Instagram: theescapeartistsg

The Escape Artist Singapore @ Prinsep Street

The one I went to was the Prinsep Street outlet – located just opposite my office in a block of shophouses!

35-DSC0105329-DSC01047 30-DSC01048

The setup for the escape room holding area is pretty generic and usually consists of a photo zone, loads of props, wall of fame, lockers for your bags and the counter. The bonus at this outlet is the toilet and drinks corner(:

36-DSC01054 51-DSC0107037-DSC01056 38-DSC01057 39-DSC01058 40-DSC01059 41-DSC01060 42-DSC01061

The purpose of our visit was to be the first group in Singapore to try out their latest room – Forsaken Vault, Chapter 1 which was launching the next week to the public. Okay la, I phrased that pretty nicely – we were actually more like their beta testers before the room went live! 😛

Still, it was pretty interesting because we got to feedback to the team after our session so that you guys going for the room would be able to enjoy it without meeting any issues! (:


Plus if you play escape games often, you would know that you can’t bring your camera or phone in NOR are their previews of the rooms available online. However, since this was a media invite, I am able to share some photos of the room with you! (;

**Don’t worry, most of the photos have been pre-screened and approved by their team prior to publishing so it doesn’t really contain spoilers!**

Forsaken Vault Chapter 1 Review:

Oh yeah, here’s my quick rundown verdict of the room along with a photo spam!
– Leaning on more logical and hands on puzzles. I enjoyed how well thought out it was!
– Not many issues trying to figure out how to solve each clue. Barely asked for hints lol!
– Teamwork is important and you will have to work in a team especially when the team is split up at the start
– Some interesting puzzles mechanisms/props that made us go: woah that’s so cool!
– Minor physical stuff though you may have to crawl abit. Suggest no skirts or dresses
– The story does tie in with the room and you will be rearing to continue on to Chapter 2 & 3 right after that as it ends in somewhat like a cliffhanger

Note: Your group will not be combined with others. Also, unlimited hints are provided by the intercom system and they won’t spoil you with the answers!

03-IMG-20150627-WA0002  08-IMG-20150627-WA0009 09-IMG-20150627-WA0010 12-IMG-20150627-WA0013 13-IMG-20150627-WA0014 14-IMG-20150627-WA0015 15-IMG_4376 16-IMG_4381 17-IMG_4394  19-IMG_4400 20-IMG_4401 21-IMG_4404

To us, we had a fantastic experience even though we didn’t escape. I think we probably might have if it wasn’t a beta session(:

Anyway, we were so pumped up that we decided to go ahead and book another session immediately after that! It was lucky that they still had slots!

The Beginning: After Dark 2 Review:

The Beginning: After Dark 2 was recommended to us and here’s a quick review/comment about the room:

– It’s not that scary don’t worry. Just the usual spooky haunted house set up
– Puzzles range from complex to the obvious. Some you have to really think out of the box in terms of matching. Read and listen to ALL the text ya?
– One main repetitive mechanism which is quite cool and annoying at the same time
– No issues wearing a skirt or dress here if you have guys whom you can dictate to crawl on your behalf
– We called for hints more times than the first room but when the clue was given, it was like OHH. So yes, it’s still logical

Note: Your group will not be combined with others. Also, unlimited hints are provided by the intercom system and they won’t spoil you with the answers!

To be honest, if you asked me to compare The Forsaken Vault vs The Beginning: After Dark 2 – I would choose the former. My colleagues however all preferred the latter. Note that this all depends on individual preference really(:

Photo Zone!

Lastly, here’s sharing some photos we took at the photo zone with the props provided. Note that we look really active and alive in the photos but that was because these were taken before we went for the second round. After that one.. we were like brain dead and so tired that we just sat at the holding room for 20 minutes till almost 11pm+. Yeah, word of advice – be prepared for extreme tiredness if you chiong-ed for 2 rooms at a go.

43-DSC01062 44-DSC01063

But uhm, you know what? We plan on doing that again the next time because we are looking to conquer Forgotten Vault, Chapter 2 & 3 at The Escape Artist together once the 2 rooms are ready!! Lol!And maybe.. just maybe I can finally win at an Escape game LOL. Did I mention that escape games can be super addictive?!

UPDATED: Yes, I have successfully escaped a few escape rooms! Also, Chapter 2 & 3 of Forgotten Vault is now open to public!

Highly recommend checking our The Escape Room, in particular The Forsaken Vault series! I’ll be BACK!

P.s Feel free to send me event invites for other escape rooms! 😛

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mitsueki Staycations | 3D2N W Hotel Sentosa Cove Singapore (Day 2, Part 1: W Hotel Breakfast)

mitsueki Staycations – 3D2N W Hotel Sentosa Cove Singapore 

Breakfast at The Kitchen Table

The next morning, we attempted to wake up bright and early to catch our complimentary breakfast inclusive in my staycation prize. Yeah, if you didn’t know – we are night owls and usually wake up around brunch/lunch time so..this was an achievement (as well as countless alarms set to wake us up!).

Breakfast was an international buffet spread at The Kitchen Table. Do come prepared with an empty stomach because this buffet breakfast was one of the best I’ve had in Singapore yet! Beautiful setting as well~


Oh yeah, do try to get a window seat if possible because you get an incredible view of Sentosa Cove while dining! This is seriously THE LIFE! Too bad only the rich can live like this 😦


There is a large variety to choose from and as always, you will be spoiled for choice! You get to choose from salads, pastries, bread, cheese, dim sum, and even hot food such as noodles and many more! (:

200-DSC04647204-DSC04651 205-DSC04652 206-DSC04653 207-DSC04654 208-DSC04655 209-DSC04656 203-DSC04650210-DSC04657 211-DSC04658217-DSC04664218-DSC04665

A dedicated egg station is also set up at Skirt, the steak restaurant opposite The Kitchen Table where you can order your eggs done in any way. Tried their scrambled eggs and egg benedicts – delicious!

216-DSC04663212-DSC04659 213-DSC04660 214-DSC04661 215-DSC04662

And here’s spamming photos of what we had on both our plates. Everything was fresh and wonderfully done – but I think it’s the entire atmosphere that made breakfast there so enjoyable!

232-DSC04679234-DSC04681221-DSC04668 222-DSC04669 223-DSC04670 224-DSC04671 225-DSC04672  227-DSC04674 228-DSC04675 229-DSC04676 230-DSC04677 231-DSC04678  233-DSC04680  235-DSC04682

Headed back to our room where Crystal’s last task was to help me do some ironing (LOL) before she left for her meeting with the events manager of W Hotel. From there, we bade our farewells and it was time for a partner switch to the bf instead!

236-DSC04683 237-DSC04684 238-DSC04685

Stay tuned for next week’s installment where I will share our experience being tourists at Sentosa Island XD

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Cat Shaped Marshmallows for you ˓˓ฅ₍˄ุ.͡ ̫.˄ุ₎ฅ˒˒?

I’m sure you’ve seen these cute 3D cat latte art popping out everywhere on Pinterest, IG and Facebook right?! And well, if you don’t drink coffee like me — you will have to resort to bugging your friend/bf/whoever who drinks coffee to order it just so that you can get an IG worthy photo if the barista can do it! Or maybe that’s just me, lol.

Cat Shaped Marshmallows for you  ˓˓ฅ₍˄ุ.͡ ̫.˄ุ₎ฅ˒˒?

For non-coffee drinkers like me, guess we can be contented with this adorable cat shaped marshmallows swimming in a cup of tea instead! But… there is only one problem~~

It is exclusively available from Japan at Yawahada Marshmallow Shop! They used to have an international English site where you could order from, but they have since then stopped taking orders already. So if you really, really want to get your hands on these adorable cat shaped marshmallows .. you can either use a forwarder or have a friend pick it up for you when he/she is in Japan OR.. you could always have it shipped to your hotel room when you are in Japan! ;x

The best value CafeCat package includes two cat, and four paw marshmallows for 965 yen!

They also have other adorable marshmallow designs available below!

SUPER SUPER CUTE! T__T Haiz, well remind me to add to my list to purchase the next time I’m traveling to Japan (*hint hint to the bf!)!

Oh and for coffee drinkers, you will be happy to know that you can get this 3D cat latte art at Chock Full of Beans in Singapore over at Changi Village. Do note that requests for specific latte art may be declined if the barista is too busy~

Credits: Stephie Sung (Burpple)

*green with envy*

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Food Review | FROTH Cafe @ BIG Hotel

It was the bf’s birthday back in May – and to celebrate this special occasion, I chose to have his birthday dinner at Froth cafe over at BIG hotel!

The original plan was to take half day of leave to spend the day together but too bad his birthday fell on the last day of my audit week so..I wasn’t able to take my leave as ours were kinda frozen for the week? Lol anyway about that – thank God its over. Unfortunately I hear that we may a second one coming up at the end of the year or early next year 😦

FROTH Cafe @ BIG Hotel


FROTH Cafe @ BIG Hotel
200 Middle Rd Singapore 188980
Breakfast – 7.00am to 10.30am daily
Lunch & Dinner – 11.30am to 10.00pm (closed on every first Monday of the month)
Instagram: @froth.sg

The Place

Anyway back to the topic at hand! After the end of the audit, the bf and I made our way to BIG hotel that night. Froth Cafe is located at the basement of the hotel and you can easily spot it if you’re just passing by. Just head down the stairs and you are there!

The place is pretty big with plenty of seating for both couples and groups alike. In general, I like the relaxed vibe there making it a good dinner place to chill with friends after work(:


The only gripe I have with the place is the lighting especially if you want to take photos of the food. Suggest you bring a proper camera for photos there because if you are a Samsung user like myself (you know the photos are horrible under bad lighting!), you probably wouldn’t be impressed with your photos. During the day, the better lighting is mainly limited to the natural light from the windows so take a seat there for the best photos. Meanwhile at night, only certain tables have decent (although overhead) lighting, however – do expect a slightly yellowish/orange tinge to your photos. But I guess you can always adjust your camera settings to rectify this issue.(:

Hehe if you can – try to take our table. It’s one of those that had the better lighting for both day/night. Reservations can be made in advance like ours with the cute chalkboard! Thanks Sharon for arranging for that(:


Thumbs up for free water 🙂


The Menu

This was my second visit to Froth, the first being a couple of months when they first opened. It was pretty close to my workplace and had an irresistible lunch set deal so the colleagues and I dropped by to try it out. Not too bad, you might have spotted the photo I posted if you have been following me on IG / Facebook(: They have since then revamped the menu the last time we were there and you can find it and the drinks menu pictured below for your reference. Full size photos available HERE!

03-DSC00717 04-DSC00718

We ordered the following dishes based on recommendations from Sharon and our personal food preferences!

Iced Chocolate – S$6.00

One of the bf’s favourite drinks will be iced chocolate and so when he saw that they had it – he knew he had to order to try! Surprisingly not many places can do iced chocolate well, mainly because they were scrimping on the ingredients or diluting the iced chocolate too much. Froth’s version however was pretty good, thick and chocolatey!

Iced Lychee Tea – S$3.90

I tried the iced lychee tea during the last time I was here as it was inclusive in the lunch set. Thought it was a delish and refreshing drink and ordered it once again! Quite a number of lychees to eat too as seen from the photo below (:

10-DSC00726 11-DSC00727

Bacon Chowder – S$7.90

Okay, I’ve tried loads of chowder but I’ve definitely never tried bacon chowder before! Would say that those who love carbonara would love it because the ingredients in it are essentially about the same. Very savory and thick – but yummy all the same. Bf wasn’t really the soup drinker but he had second helpings so you can tell he quite liked it (:

P.s there’s even a poached egg within the soup!

13-DSC00729 14-DSC00730 15-DSC00731

Doritos Crust Winglets – S$11.90 

For those who like a little kick in their appetizers can try the Doritos Crust Winglets! It was relatively spicy, crunchy on the outside while being soft and tender on the inside. Best of all, no dirty fingers involved because the winglets are boneless! Oh yeah, it’s in a perfect size for sharing for 3-4 people. For 2, it might be too much unless you are not having any other appetizers(:

17-DSC00733 18-DSC00734

Chilli Crab Spaghetti – S$20.90

For my mains, I was drawn to the carbonara vs chilli crab spaghetti. Decided to go for the latter since it was pretty unique and I wanted to try something new other than my usual type of pasta.

I knew that fried mantou would be incorporated into the dish and I was wondering how initially – till I saw the plating where the mantou was placed at the side. Very cute lol

Think that Froth made a decent rendition of the chilli crab dish into a pasta dish but I just wished that there was more of the blue swimmer crab meat (or should I say..larger chunks?) because most of the crab meat got lost in their homemade chill crab sauce. Still, a pretty good dish but I preferred the bf’s pasta!

22-DSC00738 26-DSC0074324-DSC0074029-DSC00746

Siobak Aglio Olio – S$20.90

Aglio olio is usually served just plain or with seafood / prawns right? But Froth put their own twist to it by incorporating siobak into the aglio olio which I thought was really interesting! Was also a recommended item from Sharon and the bf decided to order it as his main(:

Let’s just say it’s definitely not a healthy dish for the calorie conscious because the pasta came with huge chunks of roasted pork belly, 2 large slices of their homemade bak kwa and the usual olive oil, garlic chilli and parsley aglio olio. Was curious to taste how the combination would taste like and surprisingly, the flavors work well with each other! You’ll feel utterly sinful after the meal though due to the calorie and fat overload LOL! Once in awhile is okay lah plus its really a different take from the usual aglio olio(:

23-DSC00739 25-DSC0074227-DSC0074428-DSC00745

Banana Waffles with Earl Grey Ice Cream – $11.90

We ended off the meal with a waffles treat! Heard alot about their taro waffles but it’s too bad I don’t like taro ;x

Sharon recommended the banana waffles as an alternative instead and we went ahead to order that. Their waffles come with a scoop of ice cream and I chose the Earl Grey because I heard it was pretty good. Other flavors include chocolate / sea salt caramel / toasted marshmallow / vanilla bean(:

However, think i made the wrong choice by opting for the Earl Grey Ice Cream because it didn’t compliment the banana waffles as I would have liked, should have went for the classic vanilla instead ><

Anyway, the unique point about their waffles is that they would incorporate the fruits/food item into the batter itself! For example my banana waffle isn’t just called just because it has bananas on top of it but inside too! That made the waffles extremely filling as well, thank goodness I was sharing with the bf hahaha!(:

30-DSC00747 33-DSC00752  36-DSC00755

Overall I really like the menu at Froth as everything was very appealing to me! However, I do think that some of the prices on the menu are slightly on the more expensive side (referring to the mains). Still, I would return again – this time perhaps to try the carbonara because photos of it look fantastic!

Once again, thank you Sharon and the team from Froth for your hospitality and birthday wishes to the bf that night – it was a great birthday dinner! (:

Would return again – this time to try their carbonara ^^

Credits: GreatNewPlaces

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